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Check out our new measures due the coronavirus outbreak

The old Chinese curse says: "May you live in interesting times."

And that's what we have now, with the coronavirus that has imprisoned us in our homes, depriving us of contacts with friends and family.
I hope you are all well and safe, and you use this time of isolation for creative activities. This is great therapy when we are bombarded with reports of subsequent infections and (unfortunately) deaths.
The time of the global epidemic is the moment when we all have to show responsibility and take care not only of ourselves, but also of the people around us. That's why I am asking you: please, stay at home if you don't have to leave, but if you have to, keep a distance of 2m, wash your hands thoroughly after each return home.

Therefore, in connection with the epidemic, I introduce a few changes in the operation of my store:

1. Small Orders - from today small orders will be sent only once a week.
In this way, I will not only protect myself and my family, but also people working at the post office. Each of us can be a carrier of virus without even having any symptoms.

2. Large orders will be rewarded - for orders over £35 (excluding delivery costs) you will receive a 40% discount. The discount applies to all products in my store. In addition, larger orders will be sent by courier instead of by Royal Mail, with pickups directly from me. Such orders will be sent on a regular basis, not just once a week. Ordering more you don't have to wait longer for your shipments, and thanks to you employees of courier companies can count on continuity of employment in these hard times.

To take advantage of this discount, enter the code Spring2020 in the coupon field while placing the order.

3. New deliveries - at the moment about 1,000 napkin designs and about 200 decoupage papers designs are available in my store. I won't be ordering more in the near future . The best rice papers for decoupage are made in Italy, so for logical reasons, ordering new designs at the moment is unlikely to be an option.

From my part I promise you I will do my best to maintain the continuity of your orders. I also hope that thanks to you and your loyalty I will not be forced to close my small business. Nowadays, like never before, the survival of many of us depends on our joint solidarity. I also encourage you to share your work and ideas in our Facebook group: Decoupage UK
Let this place connect us at least virtually in these hard times.

keep calm

Monika from

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