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Americana Stencils are perfect for use with paints or specialty textures such as Structure Paste or Puff Paint. A variety of techniques and effects can be achieved on frames, canvases, walls, and more.

Tools for Application = Palette knife - Brush - Sponge

Features and Advantages:-

•Themes include backgrounds, borders, and motives.
• Beautiful and intricate details
• Can be used with paints as well as structure products.
• Made with clear film for easy positioning.
• Easy to clean with water ; reuseable

Basic Instructions for use:-

• Position as desired.
• Secure with tape or stencil adhesive or hold with fingers.
• Use palette knife or Texture Tool to apply Texture, or use stencil brush or sponge to apply acrylic paints over open areas of stencil.
• To remove, hold one end of stencil down with fingers and carefully lift opposite end.
• Wash stencil immediately.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches.

Please note: because of size this product can be posted only as a small parcel!

Large Stencils - Americana Decor - Distresses Harlequin

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