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Water-based cracklé Step 2. For any surface:
1) Apply an acrylic colour and let it dry.
2) Apply Cracklè Step 1 Universal (sold separately) and let it dry 1-2 hours without forcing with hairdryer.
3) Apply White Cracklè Paste Step 2 (it can be slightly coloured with Allegro acrylics).
4) Cracklé effect is coming out after 4-6 hours; if drying with hairdryer the Step 2 sets in 10 minutes. Step 2 is going to crack and let see the underlying colour previously applied (point 1).
When Step 2 layer is thick crackles are wide, when applied thin crackles are narrow. The drying time is influenced by the climate condition (+/- humidity) and by the thickness of the product. Rinse the brushes in water.

Stamperia Crackle paste white, step 2, 100ml

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