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Decoupage on metal tin - tutorial

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Metal tins are great for storage your home-made cookies, small bits and pieces and other trinkets. But how to make them matching your interior? Follow my tutorial to learn.

What you need:

- metal tin

- sandpaper - primmer for metal (available in DIY stores) - acrylic paint - blending medium (drying time extender) Available here - decoupage glue - classic decoupage paper or laser print - stencil

- masking tape

- paper kitchen towel - water based varnish (available here) - brushes

- white spirit and piece of cloth

1. Prepare your tin - wipe with white spirit to remove a greasy residue. Sand the surface with sandpaper to increase the adhesion of the surface.

2. Cover your tin with primer before painting to avoid any rust in future.

3. I painted lid red, and the bottom part cream

4. Use masking tape to mark the stripes and paint using sponge brush.

5. Use dry brush with small amount of cream paint to add texture on lid background.

6. Shadows: Add a little bit of blending medium to the brown paint to paint the shadows. Wipe off excess of paint with a paper towel. If necessary, repeat the painting to achieve deeper shades.

7. Cut the motives from your classic decoupage paper (or laser printed image) very precisely and soak in water for a while.

Why we need to soak thicker paper before gluing:

The paper is made from natural fibres, so under the influence of the water begins to expand. If we gluing dry paper directly on the item, it start to absorb water from the glue and expand to form wrinkles and bubbles. This is particularly evident and difficult to remove when you are working on a large surface. In addition, the wet paper is more flexible.

Not soaking in water is one of typical mistakes while working with classic paper or prints.

8. After soaking dry your image with paper kitchen towel.

9. Use piece of plastic foil (for example punched pocket) and put paper face down. Apply glue on paper and on tin.

10. Use plastic foil to transfer your paper, press with paper towel to remove air bubbles.

11. Add dark shadows around flowers for better blending into surface. Use stencil to decorate the lid. Finish your work with varnish.Important: when you working with thick paper you need much more layer of varnish to achieve flat surface. Sand using fine sandpaper between layers of varnish to reduce step between paper and surface.

Use your imagination to create beautiful cans for your home. TIP: If you working with napkins or rice paper please remember to paint your surface with very pale color - napkins and rice papers are transparent.

Sample tin from our studio:

If you like my tutorial, feel free to use it in your work, but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

All photos are Reverie-Art property and protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without permission.

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