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Small wine table with napkin decoupage - tutorial

Today I would like to show you, how to glue WHOLE napkin.

I know, gluing napkins, especially large motifs, can lead to frustration.

Gluing the entire napkins without wrinkles and cracks seems almost impossible. I hope the way I used in this step by step tutorial will help you improve your decoupage skills.

What you need:

- old table

- chalk paint of your choice (bright colour)

- decoupage glue

- Stamperia Shabby Medium (available here)

- Stamperia Wax effect finish (available here)

- round napkin (napkins available here)

- optional dark or gilding Patina

- pencils

- piece of transparent cellophane (for example punched pocket or flower wrap)

- sandpaper

First of all clean your piece of furniture, to remove any dirt and grees. You can use detergent, or sugar soap (available in DIY stores)

Then apply Shabby medium here and there. Medium will help you easily get the shabby effect after painting

Once medium is dry - paint whole table few times to get smooth effect.

Remove excess of paint using sandpaper

Now is time for napkin decoupage using whole napkin. First remove back layers (we using only top printed layer of napkin)

Using small wet brush outline around theme, leaving small margin, and tear unwanted part.

Now the tricky part - place napkin face down on a piece of cellophane and add water on top. Use brush to spread water and stretch napkin. You must work very carefully to don't rip your napkin.

Lift the cellophane to remove excess of water.

Apply some decoupage glue on table top and carefully place napkin on desired position. Smooth with piece of cloth, always start from centre to remove any air. Carefully remove piece of cellophane and apply some more glue on top of your napkin. Let dry completely .

Now is time for finishing touch. I used Stamperia wax effect varnish. In touch is like a wax, but with durability of varnish. I was planning to add some gold on trim, but after looking on my table I decided not to. Anyway- you can add some gold reflex anytime - just use piece of cloth and Stamperia gold patina in paste.

If you like my tutorial, feel free to use it in your work, but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

All photos are Reverie-Art property and protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without permission.

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