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Vintage suitcase decoupage tutorial

I bought a couple of old suitcases a while ago. The first of these has just been decorated. Below you can find a step-by-step tutorial how to get an effect similar to my suitcase.

What you need:

- old suitcase

- universal primer

- decoupage glue

- acrylic paints

- large sheet of rice paper

- gilding flakes, glue and varnish

- gold or copper patina in paste

- stencils

- structure paste

- sandpaper

1. After thorough cleaning of suitcase, as a background for decoupage, I applied a coat of white primer on the lid.

2. Now it's time to choose the theme and colours.I chose a beautiful rice paper from Stamperia range, with paintings by Alphonse Mucha. Additionally this paper is embellished with pressed gold, which looks stunning!

Paints colours: Terracotta, Sepia, Rust, Black and Dark brown

3. Once primer is dry, slightly sand it to achieve smooth surface. Then apply glue on surface.

4. Place paper in desired position and apply glue on top, starting from the centre and working towards edges.

5. Now it is the time to blend the image. Start painting with paler colour, and add darker colours while working by dabbing. Try to mix your paint to achieve shade similar to picture.

6. I wanted to eliminate the lines between pictures to achieve an effect of one image. So I painted over the line with smaller brush.

7. Decorating the trim with raised pattern Choose stencil and place in the position, using temporary glue, or masking tape.

9. Once structure paste is completely dry, sand it with sandpaper to remove any rough edges.

10. Paint  whole suitcase.

12. Varnish few times using water based varnish.

13. Gilding To add some more character I've decided to use some gilding flakes and gilding wax

Apply some gilding glue in desired places, once glue becomes transparent (but still sticky) apply gilding flakes (you can use brush or your fingers).

15. Apply gilding wax or patina on edges for example, raised motives or handle. Remove excess with a piece of cloth. Finish with gilding varnish to prevent tarnishing.


If you like my tutorial, feel free to use it in your work, but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

All photos are Reverie-Art property and  protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without  permission.

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