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Gilding on glass bottle - tutorial

Easy way to get stunning effect on glass bottle. In this tutorial we combine gilding and reverse decoupage.

What you need:

- empty bottle

- decoupage glue

- classic paper for decoupage or laser print

- gilding glue

- gilding flakes or leaves (silver or gold)

- gilding varnish (you can also use shellac varnish)

Gilding materials

- patina or acrylic paint mixed with blending gel

- brush

- paper kitchen towels

- piece of foil for transfer

1. First soak paper in water.

Why we need to soak thicker paper before gluing:

The paper is made from natural fibres, so under the influence of the water begins to expand. If we gluing dry paper directly on the item, it start to absorb water from the glue and expand to form wrinkles and bubbles. This is particularly evident and difficult to remove when you are working on a large surface. In addition, the wet paper is more flexible.

Not soaking in water is one of typical mistakes while working with classic paper or prints.

2. Dry with kitchen towel

3. Place your image on piece of foil (face up) and apply glue

4. Apply glue on the bottle

5. Transfer your image on bottle. Use piece of kitchen towel to remove any air bubbles. Leave to dry.

6. Now apply gilding glue on the back of the bottle and partially on the front. leave to set for around 30 min.

7. Once glue is still sticky, apply gilding foil. Leave to dry for another hour.

 8. Remove excess of gilding foil using stiff brush

9. Varnish and leave to dry.

10.  Add some vintage look using patina or brown paint mixed with blending gel.

11. Remove any  excess with piece of cloth. Once dry, varnish again and leave to dry.

Done! TIP: If you fill the bottle with water, it will act like a magnifying glass

If you like my tutorial, feel free to use it in your work, but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

All photos are Reverie-Art property and protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without permission.

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