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Retro handbag with decoupage - tutorial

Materials list:

Vintage napkin

Fabric Decoupage glue

Puff paint

Two pieces of fabric (size approximately 46x32cm)

Interlining (here Vilene S13)

Purse frame and chain

Textile glue (Gutermann creativ HT2)





flat brush

paper for template

piece of cellophane

parchment paper

sewing machine


palette knife

Step 1

Cut out the paper template , cut your fabric and interlining by adding about 1cm for stitches. Iron the fabric and mark with pins fold line (middle of the purse bottom)

Step 2

Cut the theme from napkins and separate the layers (we use only the top printed layer)

Lay the fabric on the surface to which the adhesive does not stick (eg a piece of cellophane film)

Cover the fabric with glue for decoupage on fabric in a place where the napkin will be glued (approximately 1.5 cm from the fold line marked with pins on the photo).

Gently place the napkin and cover with glue from the middle of the napkin, towards the edges. Allow to dry completely.

Fix with iron over a parchment paper (cotton setting on iron)

Step 3

Put on the fabric selected template in the desired location. Squeeze some puff paint in several places and spread using the palette knife. I added a few white dots.

Leave to dry - about 6h.

When the paint is dry, turn inside out, and iron on cotton setting for 4-6 minutes. (Paint is washable in up to 40C)

Step 4

Place the decorated fabric on interlining and sew together (this will prevent the layers from shifting later).

Fold the fabric and sew from point A to point B (see template). Cut corner.

Fold the fabric so the points x marked on the template line up with each other. Sew as shown in the picture (it will form the bottom of the bag). Cut corner. Sew lining fabric in the same way.

Step 5

 Lining At the moment your purse has a shape already, but you still need to add a lining. Insert the top fabric into the lining (right side to right) and sew from point C to point A (repeat on all edges).

Turn the bag to the right side. Sew holes (from the point D to C) to be able to easily stick the fabric in a frame.

Step 6

Apply glue inside the frame and wait for about 2 minutes. Insert the fabric in a frame, let it dry.

Now, just attach decorative chain and your purse is ready for the big night out.

If you like my tutorial, feel free to use it in your work, but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

All photos are Reverie-Art property and  protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without  permission

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