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Vintage book - trinket box. Step-by-step tutorial

Today I will show you how to make amazing vintage style book shaped trinket box. Follow my tutorial


wooden book shape box

white primer or white acrylic paint

classic or rice paper for decoupage, ( or your own image printed used laser printer)

matt acrylic paint

metallic paint

porporina or mica powder

decoupage glue

web crackle lacquer

structure paste

liquid patina or bitumen


1. Sand your box and cover with white primer. When dry sand the again to get a smooth surface.

2. Select the paper. I used a classic and rice paper for decoupage

3. Mark the location of the paper on the box

4. Use pieces of creased newspaper to create the texture around decoupage. I used PVA glue for gluing newspaper. Normally I do not use PVA glue in my projects, as  it  leaves unsightly  marks after drying. In this case, the surface will be re-painted, so PVA  is more than enough.

5. Paint with white acrylic paint

6. Now some  dark brown paint... Pleas note: if you decided to use rice paper for your theme, leave space under decoupage painted with white paint

7. Highlight some parts with metallic paint, and while the paint is still wet, with fingers apply some porporina. I used red and royal gold porporina.

8. Soak paper in a water for a while (skip this step for rice paper)

9. Dry with paper towel

10. Gluing. Remember to remove any air bubbles

11. Two step crackle

Apply Step 1 crackle lacquer and wait until dry. Then apply step 2. Please note: both layers should be fairly thick Cracks appear after about 6 hours

12. Fill cracks with antique paste, oil paint or liquid patina

13. Glue rice paper inside your box (once dry, remove any excess using sandpaper)

14. Apply a thin layer of structure paste on the sides of the box

15. Use a toothpick to draw pages. When the paste is dry paint with acrylic paint (I'm not perfect as you can see ;) )

16. Use liquid patina to highlight the pages, wipe with a cloth while it is still wet. Or you can  use acrylic paint mixed with drying time extender

17. Paint the box according to your taste. Use liquid patina to give an aged look, finish with varnish.

Note: All photos are my property and are protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without my permission!

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