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Decoupage with kids - decoupage on soap bars

I bet many time you asked yourself such question: what kind of craft I can do with kids? The answer is - decoupage!

For example easy projects like soaps!

What you need:

- soap bars of your choice

- glue for decoupage on candles (is more waxy and not drying stiff like normal glue)

- rice paper with small pictures. You can find large variety of rice papers in our shop here

- flat brush

- scissors

1. Cut or tear images out of rice paper

2. Apply some glue on soap.

3. Place your image on soap and apply glue on top. Leave to dry.

That's all! Easy. You can create stunning soap for a gifts for whole family

If you like my tutorial, feel free to use it in your work, but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

All photos are Reverie-Art property and  protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without  permission.

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